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Alternative Fuel Toolkit

Helps you learn about alternative fuels and vehicles; plan your infrastructure and funding; and act using the AFV Action Guide, facilitation materials, and other resources.

Electric Byways Toolkit

A compilation of resources regarding scenic byway development for electric vehicles.

IdleBox Reduction Kit

Provides information about education and outreach regarding idling reduction. Idling reduction is a simple way to use less fuel and minimize engine wear, reducing costs along with pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Individual Tools


The Alternative Fuel Life Cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation (AFLEET Tool) compares new alternative fuel vehicles to gasoline (light-duty) and diesel (heavy-duty) vehicles using the following metrics: petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutant emissions, and simple payback. Use the simplified online version or get precise results by downloading the spreadsheet!

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projection Tool

Otherwise known as the EVI-Pro Lite tool, this resource helps you estimate how much electric vehicle charging of consumer demand you will need and how it affects the overall charging profile. It uses data on personal vehicle travel patterns, electric vehicle attributes, and charging station characteristics.

GREET Life Cycle Analysis Tool

The Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Technologies model analyzes the entire life cycle of alternative fuel vehicles through simulations, as we recognize that a circular is becoming more and more important. With an interactive and graphical interface, it’s more easy to use than ever.

JOBS Models

The JOBS Models track expenditure flows through spreadsheet based tools to ultimate predict economic impacts. It takes into the account of the full supply chain of the alternative fuel market and takes a look into direct jobs, induced jobs, and indirect jobs that are then created.

Vehicle Cost Calculator

This tool uses information on driving habits, total cost of ownership, and emissions to calculate your total vehicle cost. It is made to account for different vehicle makes, models, and years.

EVolution Education on E-Drive Vehicles

This electric vehicle educational tool teaches you about better energy efficiency, saving money on fuel, types of electric vehicles, and environmental impacts.

Alternative Fuel Station Locator

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