ReCharge Colorado

Northern Colorado Clean Cities is a ReCharge Coach for Northeast Colorado and can provide coaching services for EVs and infrastructure development in each of the yellow counties listed on the map (below).

Contact our ReCharge Coaches to learn more

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ReCharge Coach Diego Lopez
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ReCharge Coach Skyler Potocek

ReCharge Coaches help consumers, local governments, workplaces and multi-unit housing developments identify monetary savings, grant opportunities and other advantages related to deploying EVs and charging infrastructure. ReCharge Coaches help build local stakeholder support for EV adoption and leverage these networks to drive EV sales and participation in available funding opportunities.

Below is a general breakdown of how we can assist, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in something not listed!

  • Charging station grant opportunities and assistance
    • Charge Ahead Colorado (more below)
  • Educational outreach and workshops
  • Infrastructure advising
  • Dealership support
    • Group buys
    • Ride and drive events

Charge Ahead Colorado CAC Logo

Charge Ahead Colorado provides incentives for electric vehicles and charging stations across Colorado. Entities within the Northern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition Area (the area north of I-70 minus the 7 county Denver metro area) are eligible for charging station funding through the CEO. Funding has been expanded from just local governments and landlords to state agencies, public universities, public transit agencies, private non-profit corporations, and for-profit corporations. Several rounds of funding will be open per year.

RAQC and CEO will fund 80% of the cost of a charging station up to the following set maximums:

  • Level 2, Fleet Only Charging Stations:  $6,000
  • Level 2, Dual Port Station: $9,000
  • Level 3, Multiple Connection Standard Station: $30,000 (The Colorado Energy Office will provide an additional $5,000 for Level 3 charging station projects outside of the seven county Denver Metro Area.)
  • Ultra-fast DCFC, Multiple Connection Standard Station (minimum 100kW+): $50,000 (one award available per organization per round)