East Zion National Park Electric Vehicle (EV) Shuttle System Project

​The East Zion National Park Electric Vehicle Shuttle System Project will demonstrate a small scale, environmentally-sound, zero-emission, electric vehicle shuttle system through the East entrance of Zion National Park. This project will prove viability of electric vehicles (EV) in a rugged environment with extreme temperature variations and difficult road conditions in Southern Utah. The project has been designed for universal scalability, with deployment in other high-traffic, environmentally sensitive National and State Parks throughout the United States in mind.

​Methods to be Employed

In conjunction with the Utah Clean Cities Coalition, NCCC will employ the following four steps as part of this project to prove the viability of a scalable EV shuttle at Zion National Park:

  • Identify barriers to EV infrastructure and EV deployment
  • Develop and demonstrate modern, advanced Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment infrastructure as a clean, reliable, time-efficient fueling source
  • Acquire, deploy, and test two commercially available, 16-passenger Electric Vehicles, and develop two shuttle stops and one Shuttle Hub with EVSE
  • Develop a complementary project that supports National Park’s in Northern Colorado current master plan with the intention to scale to other EV shuttle deployment projects.

Project Impact


  • Heightened adoption and awareness for alternatively fueled transportation methods.
  • Increased regional resiliency and connectivity.
  • Reduced environmental impacts (energy consumption, pollution, and ambient noise)
  • Improved guest experience due to reduced wait times and park traffic.​

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